VALBONNECA  - Business Acceleration

For Expanding Companies
Your are a USA or ASIA based Scale-up and want to move into the European market. Your in software sales,
or a challenger in the go-digital movement.

For expanders in high-tech en  i-Tech who need to bridge gaps to market in Europe with a 
ready for market product and international expansion need.

Not setting-up of expensive sales channels and
offices in Europe and start trying with high cost.
We assist companies to succeed in missions.

Growth Partner For Europe
Accelerate scale-ups and company expansion to cover the geographic areas of Europe.
We work for start-ups, scale-ups, European expanders , international consultancies, technology providers, invention & IP houses that want fast progress pace of their growth.
Connect people and new concepts, deal & matchmaking, acceleration of commercialization.

Develop new geographic business areas for complex sales cycles and sustained business.
From no business to growing business and from zero presence to overal appearance.
The European sales revenue creation by professional partners that extend your brand. 
Let our sales accelerator align growth numbers in Europe, from zero to reveneu engine.

Areas of expertise:
  • Strategic Sales Development for Global scale-ups and high growth potentials.
  • Develop license sales for a growing international business in Europe.
  • Develop new markets including setting up channels for international business.
  • Providing game changers and challengers with realization power and closing deals.

A senior level commercial director for sales preparation, market creation and closing the deals for Europe.
Monthly running fee + T&L cost
+ percentage of sales revenue created on a 3 year contract.