VALBONNECA  - Business Acceleration

Accelerate international consultancies, technology providers, invention & IP houses that want growth and structured results.
Realization of "going digital" and "the automation of everything" for innovative companies, digital disruptors and consultancies.

Leadership - Interim CEO / MD
Create new perspectives, cross boundaries, design breakthroughs, implement change.
Leadership from idea to prototype to portfolio to market and returning revenue growth.
Sell ideas, concepts, innovations or find joint venture partners for enabling success factors.
Driving the development of new business solutions, including the forming of joint ventures.
C-level strategist for innovators, entrepreneurs, turning business models & ideas to value.
Tuning of a business plan, pitch deck, smart business case, business strategy design docs.

Independent Board Member - Non Executive Director
Second opinion on your business, innovation, growth strategy, and realization scenario.
Ignite ideas, making cubes out of clouds, design prototypes, create solutions with value.
Find out why your company is not performing and what is needed for a major change.
Re-design of the current business performance and business presentation design.
Providing game changers and challengers with realization power and closing deals.

Interim Leadership Roles
  • CEO - Managing Director | Sr VP
  • Non Executive Director - Independent Board Member
  • For European Development - Executive Partner or Managing Director