VALBONNECA  - Business Acceleration
Recovery of projects and programs

Leadership from acute crisis management to long term recovery.
Fix disruptive innovation and program realization problems.

Master of Disaster:  Recovery for initiatives of scale and complexity. 
Fly in > Explore > Analyse > Clean-up > Fix > Recover.

Orchestration capabilities on highest level: Design, drive for success and control
Plan, control, deploy programs of scale and complexity in Sdlc, Npdi and innovation.
End2End realization strategy and realization of programs from vision building to go life.
Technologies: Mission control & expert systems, datacenters, Hrm, Erp, Fin, CSS, EPM
Tools: Open innovation, Npd/Npi & Sdlc, 6Sigma, TQM, MSP, MSC, PMI, CMM, BMC.
Experience: Build&Deployment Global sdlc/npdi projects, Fte 250 | 1-2 year | $250m
Knowhow & drive; fixing things, closing the gaps between "What is" and "What could be".

Company profile for this services:
  • Companies that rollout or deploy new systems and it derailed or stopped
  • Companies that need someone to turnaround an unwanted situation and stabelize.
  • Companies that rollout a new portfolio program and have derailed projects to solve


Strategic Innovation Advisor "Just Thinking"
The automation of everything, digital innovation and strategies.
Change the known, change the boundaries and change the game.
Imagination and disruptive thinking for game changing solutions

Strategic Innovation: Think, Design and Make
  • Explore for differentiation and define what innovation is needed for top performance. 
  • Redesign and tune innovation and growth strategy with care for realization lifecycles.
  • Making cubes out of clouds, find the next big thing, transform innovation to value.
  • Gatekeeper for turning concepts to realization scenarios and new technology portfolios.
  • Disruptive thinking for game changing business models; design, prototype, execute plan.
  • Digital transformation and several flavors of innovation, the automation of everything.
  • Align ideas2cash cycles, define markets, portfolios, differentation and realization.
  • Open innovation model usage for fintech and the global industry r&d landscape.

Company profile for this services:
- Inventors, unable to create value from ideas
- Entrepreneurs who need idea2cash capability
- Startups who need strategic realization power
- Startups in scale-up phase, ready for global.


"Companies don't fail because they choose the wrong course;  they
fail because they can't imagine a better one"
Quote: Marty Neumeier

Connecting Strategy & Realization