VALBONNECA  - Business Acceleration

Failure to successfully changes on time, budget and quality.
leaves an organization with the risks of losing competitive
advantage and even loosing their complete business. 

You need full lifecycle control on your idea to cash lifecycle.
Delivering all needed experience for large scale and
PPM Multi-projects and programs successes.

SERVICES  (on international scale)

  • Program Ambulance Services
    Senior level leadership where needed for project and program that fail or soon to be de-railed. Bring back control in delivering complex projects and programs that stopped or derailed. Walk through your portfolio and take the projects and programs that underperform; Diagnose problem, design fix, implement fix, train people.

  • Turnaround and Transformation Director Services:
    For Delivery cycle turnaround, transition, transformation projects and programs of scale and complexity in ICT, Sales lifecycle, Npdi marketing and open innovation.
    For projects and programs in SLDC, NPDI, product/services innovation, sales realization; Industries: Telco, oil&chemical, pharma, food, governmental organizations.

Conditions: Day rates + T&L charges around the globe.


TIEMCHART™  Mission Control
When you’re in demand for a superb toolset with the  capabilities to orchestrate projects and programs of change.
For complex environments,  lifecycle delivery projectmanagement worldwide.

Project and Program management tooling:
Your PPM Scale & Complexity Partner

A Flexible PPM solution for max control in 3 crucial business areas:

  1. Change the Known
  2. Change the boundaries
  3. Change the game