VALBONNECA  - Business Acceleration

Digital transformation and several flavors of innovation, the automation of everything.  Redesign and tune innovation and growth strategy with care for realization lifecycles.Imagination for game changing solutions.
Turning ideas to substance and innovation.

  1. Change the known, change the boundaries and change the game. 
  2. Making cubes out of clouds; turning just ideas into structure and format
  3. Creating an innovation roadmap  - For technology business or consultancies
  4. Align ideas2cash cycles, define markets, portfolios, differentation and realization.
  5. Open innovation model usage for fintech and the global industry r&d landscape.
  6. Coaching for digital transformation and new technologies in teams
  7. 10 types of innovation , how to improve innovation for differentiation
  8. Business Model Canvas session; Create a new business model by teamwork

Assisting board members and owners of startup companies  to align  their thinking and assist them to find alternatives, new opportunities  and accelerators for business and growth.
  1. Review/Analyse Scale-up possibilities and growth plans
  2. Review/Analyze current practive effectivenes and performance gaps
  3. Review/Analyse and design alternatives for products, portfolios, markets and plans
  4. Review/Advise strategies and execution gaps and come with solutions.
  5. Second Opinion service - explore, analyze, conclude and suggest
  6.  "Just Thinking" Services ; Review your vision and advise on your mission
  7. Writing a digital transformation strategy and support proper execution

Assist board members and owners with review & advise
  • Second Opinion Services: Explore, analyze, conclude and suggest
  • Advisor: "Just Thinking"; Review vision and advise on mission

  • "Companies don't fail because they choose the wrong course;  they fail because they can't imagine a better one"
     Quote: Marty Neumeier