VALBONNECA  - Business Acceleration

Strategic innovation is the process of reinvention strategy for driving
business growth. Look for white space, uncover need state, create
solutions, find a parade and go in front. Design new businessmodels,
plans and roadmaps, tuning of strategy realization for innovation.

Innovation Acceleration
Assisting companies with new business models, innovation lifecycles, sustained value creation.
For Configuration:
Check if your operation model is aligned for growth. What channels and how connects the company offering to its customers?
For Proposition:
Check and look if your value proposition is aligned for differentiation. Check product performance, including features, functionality, customer value and performance.
For Customer Experience:
How do you handle customers?
Check the service, or how the company treats its clients. Check the touch points for customer’s entry and intake.

Innovation for Growth Tuning
When you want an outsider view that comes up with new options for solutions. 

Consultancy & Training
Coaching teams in innovation, differentiation, design thinking and growth.
Taking new techniques and methodologies and assist you with implementatiom.:
  • 10 types of Innovation Concept 
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Concept
  • Differentiation; Concept design
  • Thinking for Growth Concept
  • Business Model Canvas Concept
  • Strategic board level advisory.
Enabling Growth Factors.
Efficiency is no longer enough, exploration of growth capital and action is needed.
Growth Management
Assisting start-up teams and EMEA expanders with expansion and sustainable growth.
Tuning the offer
 Assess the customer experience and value creation process; What might we do differently?
Tuning the sales process
When your a product and services company:
Tune the mission, check the plans, tune and go.
Check your approach for major bids.
Business accelerator and promotor for European start-ups/scale-ups and expanders.

Coach&Mentor services:
Compensation: Paid per day + T&L

For Business Acceleration Europe Services, when you have intentions and plans
to do company expansion to Europe.

"Companies don't fail because they choose the wrong course;  they fail because they can't imagine a better one"    Quote: Marty Neumeier