VALBONNECA  - Business Acceleration
Accelerate growth factors for European scale-ups & expanders


Accelerate growth factors for European scale-ups and expanders.
Create partnerships, alliances, sell products & services in Europe.
Leadership for "Going-digital" in fintech and open innovation.

Areas: Artificial intelligence, digital transformation, software design, build, implementation and doing global deployment.
When your company needs presence in Europe for growth.

Connecting Technologies & Markets


Master of disaster: Fly in, clean-up the place, recover and deliver. 
Orchestration: Control programs of scale & complexity end2end.
Leadership in acute crisis management and recovery programs.

Making ideas and concepts work, create value and cash returns.
The automation of everything, digital innovation and strategies.
Change the known, change the boundaries and change the game.

Connecting Strategy & Realization

Connecting People & Technologies