Realization of "going digital" and "the automation of everything".
Create new perspectives, cross boundaries, design breakthroughs.
Accelerate digital tech. companies in strategy, innovation, expansion.

1) Interim CEO Service: Strategic leadership for an interim period of change.
Well aligned for companies in digital technologies for creating valuable returns.
Especially usefull, if you need a new CEO and do not know yet what the future brings.
Interim leadership with vision, drive, overview and strategic realization power.
Senior leadership for digital companies, turning "failure" into "growth engines".

2) Chairman of the board:Align, tune and mentor board performance and results.
Strategic acceleration of high potential business teams and creating hyper growth.
Have a vision and build a focused team for turning innovation to value and growth.
Create new perspectives, crossing the boundaries, design clear breakthroughs.
Mentor of the board: Guide and advise board members with experience and overview.

3) Board advisor: Board level consultancy, mentor for leaders and c-level coaching
Advisor for executive level strategy design and execution for growth and performance.
Redesign the strategy areas of customers, competition, data, innovation and value.
Writing a digital transformation strategy and guiding execution roadmap success.
Assist board members and owners of startup companies to align thinking with action.

Overview of work done with contract partners:

Assisting C-level employees in turning their thoughts to paper for proper action planning.
Turning concept and ideas to paper for further action in building a sustainable company. 

  • Writing business plans                  - For technology business or consultancies.
  • Writing pitch decks                        - For investors and grants from governments.
  • Writing business presentations   - For non investors and partnerships.
  • Writing portfolios and plans        - Create a picture for product and service plan.
  • Writing scale-up strategies           - Look at your current AS-IS and design TO-BE.
  • Writing project approaches          - Cost-, Time-, Quality-Control + Realization roadmap
  • Digital transformation                  - Build the strategy and plan to deliver with certainty.
  • Turnaround scenarios                   - Build the transformation plan needed for change.
  • Make release planning                  - Define and design a release plan for sw solutions.
  • Assist with  find funding               - Use investor network contacts to align success.
  • Coaching on strategy                     - Energize knowhow and tuning for max outcomes
  • Mentorship                                      - Giving insight and overview for C-level. 
  • Company growth strategies          - Align portfolio, market, customer needs and grow.
  • Turnaround sales processes         - re-design major bid flow, €500k loss to +€16 m rev.
  • Startup digital tech companies    - Start office, build team, funding, execute operation.
  • Scale-up digital tech companies  - Explore market and customer needs, sell and support.
  • Assist CEO's defining strategies   - For scale-up companies in AI, Bbgdata and blockchain

"Companies don't fail because they choose the wrong course;  they fail because they can't imagine a better one"
 Quote: Marty Neumeier
When only best in class counts for your business