Turn ideas-2-cash and assist international companies with goto-market strategy success. 
Design cases, pitchdecks, portfolios, business models and realization of transformation.
Assist digital start and scale-ups with strategies for hacking a market-place for growth. 

Interim Leadership: Executive partner, CEO, VP strategy, innovation&change director.
Focus: A.I, blockchain, cybersecurity, BI, quant analytics, IoT, mobile, 5G, networks
Knowhow: Innovation, Npd / Npi, goto-market tuning, strategy design & execution.


1) Interim CEO Service: Strategic leadership for an interim period of change.
Well aligned for companies in digital technologies for creating valuable returns.
Especially usefull, if you need a new CEO and do not know yet what the future brings.
Interim leadership with vision, drive, overview and strategic realization power.
Senior leadership for digital companies, turning "failure" into "growth engines".

2) Chairman of the board:Align, tune and mentor board performance and results.
Strategic acceleration of high potential business teams and creating hyper growth.
Have a vision and build a focused team for turning innovation to value and growth.
Create new perspectives, crossing the boundaries, design clear breakthroughs.
Mentor of the board: Guide and advise board members with experience and overview.

3) Board advisor: Board level consultancy, mentor for leaders and c-level coaching
Advisor for executive level strategy design and execution for growth and performance.
Redesign the strategy areas of customers, competition, data, innovation and value.
Writing a digital transformation strategy and guiding execution roadmap success.
Design cases, pitchdecks, portfolio, business models, drive transformation tracks.

4) Cost and profitability reduction: Done by Above the Standard Procurement Group
Above the Standardc helps organizations of all sizes in many industries to be more profitable.
Best in class cost reduction practices, increasing profits, reducing costs, improving growth. 

Create better profitability for your firm.
- It starts with a free assessment of your company guided bij Above the Standard.
- There are no up front charges and payments. When results are achieved, savings are shared.
- Success Rate of Saving Money is 98% with a solid trackrecord In delivery on all targets set.
- Overall Lifetime Client Savings Exceed 28% with a solid trackrecord in global scale delivery.
- Working for major brands and +$100m international enterprises with global supply chains.

Flow: Do an assessement, we check if you qualify, we do the action, no investments;
On success: we share in a percentage of the profits made.

Valbonne Commercial Partner is European business partner of Above the Standard (ATS)

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"Companies don't fail because they choose the wrong course;  they fail because they can't imagine a better one"
 Quote: Marty Neumeier