Find out why your company is not performing and what's needed.
AI, blockchain, crypto, cybersecurity, quant data, trading systems.
Master Disaster, fix crashed initiatives, re-vitalize and deliver.


Business review to find and fix existing gaps that stops performance in the growth cycle.
Assessment of current "AS-IS" situation, findout whats wrong, define "TO-BE" situation.
Reduce Time To Market and ROI , turn plans to  commercialization, scale-up your business. 

Test & nurture new strategies, build the best one into the fabric of the company.
Fix and implement: Strategy, portfolio,  ROI for driving a company in the fast lane.
Turn high potential start and scale-ups into good companies with positive EBITDA

  • Strategic business assessment on revenue, cost, profits get a future back.
  • Assess, analyze, design, build solutions and implement, for better business.
    Set-up EBITDA project and define documents and material needed.
  • Review core numbers for EBITDA outcomes and discuss needed outputs.
  • Design/define a solution strategy for improvement and change of numbers
  • Design/define a solution implementation and execute the plan accordingly.
  • Deliver transformation and change experience to implement difficult changes.
  • Review innovation effectiveness, imagine alternative solutions, improve portfolios
  • Review 10 types of innovation  and Business Model Canvas for right direction. 
  • Test & nurture new strategies, build the best one into the fabric of the company.

Available as change leader, VP strategy and growth and innovation advisor.


Master Disaster, fix crashed initiatives, re-vitalize and deliver working solutions.
Fly in, fix and revitalize, alignment of lifecycle delivery practices and success tracks.
Orchestrator of change, "steady the ship" in times of turmoil, making things work.

Turnaround, recovery and revitalisation of delayed and derailed large programs on international scale with realization of success in initiatives of scale and complexity.
Transformation management: Fly in, design strategy and plan, execute and deliver.
Available as digital transformation manager, program director marketing and sales.

  • Realization power: Turn new technology ideas to sustainable cash returns.
  • Troubleshoot program failures in sales and marketing, fix and rollout for success.
  • For programs in SDLC, NPDI using :MSP/MSC | Prince2 | PMI | BSS/OSS | TOM / TMF | 6Sigma - DMAIC | ITIL | TQM . Testing: CAST / SIT/ UAT Testing | Release  management | ERP / Financial Deployment repair cycles.
  • Build, test, deploy sw systems: For Financial market, Oil & Chemical, Telco, HPC's.
  • Turnaround innovation / Npdi programs: Fly in, explore cause, fix, re-vitalize, rollout.
  • Programs and Multi-projects international span, 64 countries, $250 m, 500 fte, 12 pm's.
  • Assess digital transformation scenarios, focus on strategy and realization to plan.

The right skills to dive into crashed initiatives, find causes and fix them fast (sdlc/npid)

Assessing your organization is under NDA, with confidentiality for all people involved.
Brutal honesty in all the sources of problems and total transparancy in solutions given.
Execute with minimum damage, maximize impact and uncompromising performance.

"Companies don't fail because they choose the wrong course;  they fail because they can't imagine a better one"
 Quote: Marty Neumeier