VALBONNECA  - Business Acceleration
Accelerate international consultancies, technology providers, invention & IP houses that want growth and structured results. Realization of "going digital" and "the automation of everything" for innovative companies, digital disruptors and consultancies.

Leadership - Interim CEO / MD
Create new perspectives, cross boundaries, design breakthroughs, implement change.
Leadership from idea to prototype to portfolio to market and returning revenue growth.
Sell ideas, concepts, innovations or find joint venture partners for enabling success factors.
Driving the development of new business solutions, including the forming of joint ventures.
C-level strategist for innovators, entrepreneurs, turning business models & ideas to value.

Independent Board Member - Non Executive Director
Second opinion on your business, innovation, growth strategy, and realization scenario.
Ignite ideas, making cubes out of clouds, design prototypes, create solutions with value.
Find out why your company is not performing and what is needed for a major change.
Providing game changers and challengers with realization power and closing deals.

Interim Leadership Roles
  • CEO - Managing Director | Sr VP
  • Non Executive Director - Independent Board Member
  • For European Development - Executive Partner or Managing Director


Digital transformation and several flavors of innovation, the automation of everything.  Redesign and tune innovation and growth strategy with care for realization lifecycles.


People that have great technical knowledge and strong research focus are usesually not strong in turning concept and ideas to paper for further action in a company. 
This services is making the idea to cash cycle work: Making use of all the material your team already created.
For technology business or consultancies.
  1. Writing a business plan                - For technology business or consultancies
  2. Writing a pitch deck                      - For investors and grants from governments
  3. Writing a business presentation - For non investors and partnerships
  4. Writing a portfolio and plan        - Create a picture off your products and services plan
  5. Writing a scale-up strategy           - Look at your current AS-IS and design TO-BE
  6. Writing a project approach           - Cost, Time, Quality and Control Structures + roadmap

Assisting board members and owners of startup companies  to align  their thinking and assist them to find alternatives, new opportunities  and accelerators for business and growth.
  1. Review/Analyse Scale-up possibilities and growth plans
  2. Review/Analyze current practive effectivenes and performance gaps
  3. Review/Analyse and design alternatives for products, portfolios, markets and plans
  4. Review/Advise strategies and execution gaps and come with solutions.
  5. Second Opinion service - explore, analyze, conclude and suggest
  6.  "Just Thinking" Services ; Review your vision and advise on your mission
  7. Writing a digital transformation strategy and support proper execution

"Companies don't fail because they choose the wrong course;  they fail because they can't imagine a better one"
 Quote: Marty Neumeier