VALBONNECA  - Business Acceleration

Assist  in the automation of everything and delivering the strategy.
  • Companies that deploy new systems but it derailed or stopped.
  • Companies that need turnaround of situations and change.
  • Digital transformation, innovation,  realization of strategies.

  • Projects & Program Recovery Services
    Leadership from acute crisis management to long term recovery projects and programs.
    Fix disruptive innovation and program realization problems with structure and discipline.
    Master of Disaster:  Recovery for large international initiatives of scale and complexity. 

    Orchestration capabilities on highest level: Design, drive for success and control plan, control, deploy programs of scale and complexity in Sdlc, Npdi and innovation.
    Technologies: Mission control & expert systems, datacenters, Hrm, Erp, Fin, CSS, EPM
    Tools: Open innovation, Npd/Npi & Sdlc, 6Sigma, TQM, MSP, MSC, PMI, CMM, BMC.
    Experience: Build&Deployment Global sdlc/npdi projects, Fte 250 | 1-2 year | $250m
    Knowhow & drive; fixing things, closing the gaps between "What is" and "What could be".
     For  international initiatives of Scale & Complexity.

    • Master of Disaster: Recovery of projects and programs
      Fly in > Explore > Fix > Recover and Rollout.
    • NPDI program director: Tuning ideas to products / services and companies
    • Delivery Coach: Align ideas2cash, define portfolio and execute realization.

    100% successfully delivered digital solutions to multiple industries, including Government, Mortgage, trading and document mgmt systems for financial industry, ERP/FIN/SC global scale deployment, Build new products for telco's, Oil&Chemical, Healthcare, Internet portals, Supply Chain solutions, HPC's, NPDI portfolios for large datacenters, EBITDA improvement projects.
    Orchestrator for Sdlc/Npdi build & deployment programs in fintech, telco, oil, chemical, ISV's.
    140 Projects & Programs + 12 Turnaround & Recovery successes | Budgets €350m, < 350 FTE

    People that have great technical knowledge and strong research focus are usesually not strong in turning concept and ideas to paper for further action in a company. 
    This services is making the idea to cash cycle work:
    Making use of all the material your team already created. Bring structure, discipline and the right format to enable your future plans. We expect that you already have material where this work can be based on, so we can work on accelerated realization.

    For technology business or consultancies.
    1. Writing a business plan                - For technology business or consultancies
    2. Writing a pitch deck                      - For investors and grants from governments
    3. Writing a business presentation - For non investors and partnerships
    4. Writing a portfolio and plan        - Create a picture off your products and services plan
    5. Writing a scale-up strategy           - Look at your current AS-IS and design TO-BE
    6. Writing a project approach           - Cost, Time, Quality and Control Structures + roadmap