Executive Practice - Leadership

  • Industries: Digital, telco, fintech, medtech
  • e-marketing, networks, oil&chemica
  • Build hw & sw for digital solutions
  • Rollout software and hardware portfolios
  • Develop new digital market strategies
  • Portfolio design and fine tuning
  • Business model design and tuning
  • European company start-up and scale-up.
  • Build and rollout orchestration
  • Troubleshooting and transformation.
  • Define digital scale-up strategy
  • Well aligned with SDLC and NPID lifecyles
  • Delivery or + €40m programs worldwide.

Bridge the gaps, fix performance & productivity showstoppers, making things work. Accelerate growth factors for European scale-ups and expanders, create businesses.

"Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it is impossible for anyone to accomplish"
Marcus Aurelius - Emperor - Roman Empire 170 ac


Strategy and Realization Leadership
Leadership for build-out and growth of strategic consultancies, ISV's, digital companies. Start up office for companies and develop sales in line with your practices. 
Start-up new geographic areas in EMEA for international players in digital businesses.

Bridge the gap: Fix strategic performance and productivity gaps, making sales work. Strategic leadership for an interim period of change and growth for digital companies. Especially usefull, if you need a new CEO and do not know yet what the future brings. Test new strategies, build the best ones into the fabrics of the company accordingly.

Reduce Time To Market and ROI , turn plan to  commercialization of your business. Re-define: Strategy, portfolios, goto-market plan for driving companies in the fast lane.Develop revenue opportunities from ‘Cradle to Grave’. Bridge the gaps in strategic performance and solve productivity roadblocks, making things work. 

- Executive Services 1: Interim CEO 
Strategy & control | Seasoned leadership with vision, overview and realization power. Accelerate European scale-ups and expanders, create stable business.


Innovation Leadership
Chief Innovator to design alternative portfolios and business models and goto-market strategies. Define digital transformation strategy for customers, competition, data, innovation, value. Align new digital innovations and strategies. Turn ideas, inventions and prototype ready solutions to market readyness and making money from the value created. Turning your innovation lifecycle to productivity. 
Innovation : Change the core, change the boundaries, change the game
 1 - Change the core: Incremental innovation, higher performance.
 2 - Change boundaries: Create wider playground, grow business.
 3 - Change the game: Capture and create breakthroughs.

Driving disruption: Help clients navigate uncertainties and assist in implementing technologies and business models to solve existing business challenges, address strategic growth objectives or be the disruptors in new and existing markets. 

- Executive Services: 2  Interim Chief Innovation Officer 
Change business: Change the known, change the boundaries, change the game. Write a digital innovation and transformation strategy and make it a success.


Growth Leadership
Develop new ventures, accelerate international digital businesses in EMEA. Leadership for build-out and growth of strategic consultancies, ISV's and digital companies. 
Business acceleration and growth consult for start-ups, scale-up and expanders. 

Interim Growth Officer to align your growth strategy and bring it to performance. Define  the best way to gain advantages and achieve market success strategies. Sales growth design and delivery for digital companies with scale and complexity.

- Executive Services 3:  Interim CGO - Chief Growth Officer
Turning your existing expansion strategy to a well thought growth strategy. Growth advisor to design  growth strategy and long term business returns. 


Transformation and Turnaround Leadership
Master Disaster: Fly in, analyze case, clean-up situation, fix-roadblocks, controlled recovery and delivery on track. Structured solution delivery for change and turnaround, for max productivity and performance.  Turn current "AS-IS" situation into future "TO-BE"  situation, with structure, discipline and delivery in time, budget, quality. Fix crashed initiatives of scale and complexity, re-vitalize and deliver according to plan. Turnaround Program Director: Turn broken digital projects and programs to recovery,  re-vitalization, test again and deploy. Making things work in PPM, PMI, MSP, MSC, Prince2, CMM, 6Sigma,TRL9, open innovation.

Build and implement new digital technologies for e-trading, data-exchanges, fintech, telco, large datacenters, networks. Success track in build, deployment, turnaround complex global systems and applications delivery for Fortune 500.

PPM delivery success track: 100% ( 200 projects and programs, 350fte, €500m, npdi / sdlc/trl9). Planning, Software Projects, Cloud Applications, Board Level Sales, ERP/FIN/CRM, invoicing, sales operations and tuning, sales cycle problem solving.

- Executive Services 4: Master Disaster | Interim Program Doctor
Fly-in, analyze case, fix-roadblocks, recover and deliver on track. 
Digital transformation, innovation and strategy delivery.  Hands-on capabilities.