VALBONNECA  - Business Acceleration

Reduce TTM for fast tech companies, turn plans to commercialization,
deliver ROI to investors faster.Being a business partner for digital technology innovators, creating new company business in Europe.   

This services will work for you…   
You’re a digital technology company with a headquarter in the USA or Asia and need fast expansion into Europe, Middle East and Africa to create a leadership position with all the benefits of it. Leadership and sales for independent software vendors and digital innovation scale-ups in Europe.

When we sign a contract we sell your product under your logo and brand and set up your EMEA organization,
after 3 years you can put your own people on the mission and it becomes fully operational under your own brand.

Sales Acceleration EMEA
Flow: 1> Agreement 2> Setup Business 3> Start selling 4> Expanding in line with targets agreed, grow 5> Maximize sales volume 6> Maximize operational efficiency 7> Make ready for for handover (3 year) 8> Handover and exit.

  1. Agreement: Deliver an agreement with a standard flow For success 
  2. Setup Business: Setting up and run your EMEA offices under your name and build you brand
  3. Start selling: Setup sales for your product line and start selling
  4. Expanding in line with targets agreed, grow: Acquire more personnel for the sales team and support. 
  5. Maximize sales volume: Creating customers and revenue in EMEA under agreed conditions 
  6. Maximize operational efficiency: Optimization of performance and operations by improvement process 
  7. Make ready for for handover: Align financials, book keeping, personnel, reporting and control.
  8. Handover and exit: Preparing for an exit, so you can do it yourself the years thereafter.

Focus: Working for global I-Technology companies with a need for commercial expansion to EMEA and doing this by
providing the knowhow, experience, entrepreneurship, strategic insight and digital technology knowledge needed.

Customer value:
Enable fast market introduction and early sales cycles for your portfolios in EMEA.
Do prototyping sessions together with first customers to speed up your solution building process.

Benefits: Short circuit to European customers, we introduce you to our network and accelerate your sales cycle.
You become a global vendor by signing an agreement that gives a far better valuation of your company.

"Companies don't fail because they choose the wrong course;  they fail because they can't imagine a better one"
 Quote: Marty Neumeier