European Sales Acceleration 
You’re a digital company with expansion plans in Europe.
You need: Fast expansion to create a leadership position.

Leadership for build-out and grow strategic consultancies, ISV's, digital companies.
Start up a sales office for your company and develop sales in line with your practices. 

In 5 steps to sustainable sales in Europe

  1. Setup Business: Start EMEA offices under your name and your brand.
    Arrange billing and bookkeeping , bankaccount and BTW number
    Website and all supporting material for business.

  2. Start selling: Setup sales team for your product line and start selling.
    Do prototyping sessions with first customers to speed up your sales process. 
    Align marketing and sales for high volume selling.
    Visit first users and find out what need to be improved.
    Rework product and tune it for the audience targetted.

  3. Expanding in line with targets agreed: produce operational organization.
    Select customer that are in highest need for this solution and rollout.
    Set up sales channels and design/define sustainable busisness.

  4. Stabelize operational business with all supportchannels fully operational.

  5. Prepare handover for brand building by the owner of the solutions.


  • Review/Analyze current sales channel effectivenes and performance gaps.
  • Review/Advise strategies and execution gaps and come with solutions.
  • Review/Analyse and design market strategy, portfolio strategy and sales support.
  • Review/Analyse Scale-up possibilities and growth plans for 4 years.
  • Conflict handling and resolution on board level, revitalisation of sales strategies.

"Companies don't fail because they choose the wrong course;  they fail because they can't imagine a better one"
 Quote: Marty Neumeier