Board Practice - Consultancy

"Companies don't fail because they choose the wrong course;  they fail because they can't imagine a better one" 
Quote: Marty Neumeier - brand guru


Board Advisor for strategy, innovation and growth
Discovery: Answering your unknowns, by challenging your view of what is possible and by identifying emerging technologies with existing & new markets. Second opinion on your business, growth results, and strategies.
Business acceleration and growth consultancy for start-ups, scale-up and EMEA expanders. When sales process or business models do not deliver what is expected and you don't know why your revenue is declining, despite the value it creates. 

Strategy: Leverage deep rooted techno-commercial insights and work together in developing action plans to help you meet your strategic business objectives. Assisting management to define & design strategies that will improve productivity and performance for core business, side business and leadership in progress.

- Strategic Services 1: Board level advisor
Advisor and coach for tech ventures in start, scale-up and expansion mode. Imagination to design new business models, portfolios and goto market model.


Mentor for directors that need extra knowhow
Assist leaders and executive director/ board members with coaching on the job. Guide and advise board members with independent view and solid experience on the job. In many boards you have topclass people without serious board experience, that are put in most senior roles. With a personal advisor/mentor they receive  reflection on their performance plus advise on how to improve or sharpen the case.

Especially technologist's and subject matter experts are frequently placed in top level control positions where they get large business responsibilities. In such cases they need some senior advise, because their environment expect from them that they execute with 100% certainty. This services are delivered with highest  confidentiality grades.

- Strategic Services 2: Mentor for c-levels 
Bring seniority from the shelf to bring experts in a next wave of performance. Assist C-level leader with better outcomes on their plans and actions.


Chairman of the board for start-ups and scale-ups
Align, tune and mentor over the board performance, productivity and company results. Explore, analyse and define strategic acceleration of high potential business teams for creating good businesses, differentiation and growth. Have a vision and build a focused team for turning innovative portfolios and business models to value and growth.
Create new perspectives, crossing the boundaries, design clear breakthroughs.
- Strategic Services 3 : Chairman of the board: Critical thinking, excellent judgement, decision making and leadership in strategy, productivity, performance and team inspiration for digital companies.