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Make Business Work


Distribution  strategy and growth realization for digital companies, ISV's and consultancies. Take current "As-Is" and realize future "To-Be" successes. Strategy and execution experience to assist boards and C-level leaders in energizing companies.  Business acceleration for TTM, distribution, growth and performance growing companies from one market to many. Entrepreneur: Turn "Zero to One" and "One to Many" in business.  For companies from outside Europe that need European presence, a trading point or an agent to supply technologies and run core business activities in the technology industry. 

Part-time Business Director EMEA: 
Offering companies from outside Europe a central person to control an operational business in Europe with diversified teams around EMEA in services and sales.  Turnaround lead: Fixing internal dysfunction and bring back external momentum for fast growth. Fly in, analyse, fix problems, deliver. Fly in, Analyze case, clean-up situation, fix-roadblocks, control recovery.  Fix failed programs of scale & complexity in international build, test, roll out and deployment phase.


Venture Capital Partner

Turning investor capital into growth.  Growth funding from € 1m to €200 m . Review market opportunity :  Validate innovation and technology value, team, market opportunity, technology, future possibilitiesConnect investors & start-ups, finding growth capital for scale-ups, make growth work. Advise digital start & scale-ups on business plan, pitch, making it investment readyFocus on capital for companies in digital technology, medtech, fintech, deeptech. Active in Seed-stage Capital, Early-stage Capital and Later-stage Capital for international companies. 

Part-time Director IPO / M&A / SPAC  

When companies that go into M&A and IPO they frequently need a part-time expert and advisor for operational success.

Have a part-time director in place to guide your company in IPO or takeover caused by merger & acquisition Many international companies have a HQ in the Netherlands and when they want substance for IPO or M&A, they need a part-time director to represent, operate and control the company for a brief period. This is a solution for companies with a BV in the Netherlands, and need a part-time director to align capital, operations, change management and core business. 

Make Technology Work


Give innovation departments what's needed and find unique technology for technology driven companies.  For innovative companies that need solutions for their current R&D, Innovation or international expansion. Bringing the experience for R&D, TRL9 type processes and innovation life-cycle of open innovation sourcing.

If your company needs special technology from European companies and you need an agent to realize your strategy in Europe, That could including setup office and run your business related technology supply chains, logistics and related distribution.
Currently agent for datacomm/Xaas technology | Agent outsourcing of special high performing coding teams. International agent for finding technologies for technology companies, Telco, Oil&Chemical, Fintech and innovators. 


Experience: Open innovation departments and labs for multi nationals, connecting invention, technology and businessesse via a network of R&D centers, innovation labs, VC companies, technology partners and producers. Digital technology knowhow : E-trade, e-platforms, data communication technology. ERP / Fin, CS, CCaas, UCaas, SECaas, e-trade, e-mobile, AI, ML, NLP, LMS, robotics. Cyber security, DDOS, Scrubbing Centers, IoT, Edge, CDN, cloud.

Trusted Advisor

Advisor in technology, strategy and orchestration. Many companies use a trusted advisor to get overview with eye for detail. Close gaps in know-how & experience for technology, strategy, delivery. Working for international top consultancies and technology companies in Europe, providing this services remote and hybrid.  Close Gaps in Know-how & Experience. 

Fresh thinking on fixing productivity & performance areas. Discover your unknowns, challenging your views and have a second opinion on your business. ​Bringing the expertise that fills the gaps in knowledge, experience, capabilities. Advise on technological, operational, commercial issues for technology companies and consultancies. 

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