Accelerate distribution, growth, delivery

Fix the problems on the path to success.

Change executive work, remote consult.

Rethink, rework and realize turnaround.


When running a business some problem areas need more expertise than your team brings.  

[ 1 ] Turnaround Leader

Analyze, troubleshoot, fix, revitalize delays, stopped program, project crash Program Manager (and Project Management) roles lack clarity. Program Management Office (PMO) leaders and project managers are burned out. The build and deployment of your core performance engine is delayed or stopped, you need expertise to fix it. 


Troubleshooter & Turnaround Lead: Bridge the gaps in performance & productivity showstoppers, structure and align, making things work. Solve problems of scale and complexity in multi-projects, programs and companies in delivery of international initiatives. Software development and deployment failure.  Fix your Global programs covering operational digital systems and business solutions for running the core performance engine. When your teams and leaders are not able to come with working solutions or you need an outsider to "bring brains in concert".


Your business is not performing as planned and your orhganization finds out that their are gaps between organization capabilities and  strategic intent and competititive demands.

Example errors in companies

○ Ignored the new and better competitors

○ Customer satisfaction is going down

○ Smaller orders, more client exits

○ Quarter revenues going down continuously

○ Unaware of marketdevelopments

○ Low decision drive or denying the facts

○ To high debts but no awareness how to fix

○ To high spendrate but no controls in place.

○ Product is topcompetitive but unable to sell.

○ Creating customers is a not developed skill

○ Unable to deliver products to market in time

○ Unable to align distribution in effective ways

○ Can't effectively turn strategy to execution

○ Not enough structure, discipline to survive.

○ Not enough cash to survive the next 3 months period.

○ Serious problmes with finding a next round investor.


Do you observe one or more of this signals?  Ask for  Go to contact page

[ 2 ] Chief Strategy  

SALES, ROI, GROWTH FAILURE: Turn "One-To-Many" by assisting companies with business acceleration practices in strategies for goto-market, distribution and growth, making more revenue and profits. Find your "BIG IDEA" that drives customer attraction or define one.Technology sales does not deliver the revenues projected, while the product family is highly competitive and topclass. Technology or consultancy sales is under par, while product is not competitive enough. Cost levels are blowing up the budgets while customer come in as planned, company failure is nearby.


Providing a set of “fresh eyes” for the organization, source for ideas or trends, helping you in taking the imagination to design new business models, portfolios and go to market models. Bridge the gaps in performance & productivity showstoppers, structure and align, making things work. Eliminating organizational silos by creating a unified, longer-term growth plan. Improve product differentiation, business model, distribution model & strategy, sales process & tactics. Maximize customer value for the years to come. Find your "BIG IDEA" that drives customer attraction or define one.

[ 3 ] Trusted Advisor

Many companies use a trusted advisor to get overview with eye for detail and select the exactly right solutions for their digital transformation journeys. When scale-up companies move to international mode, they need another type of supporting systems and core performance engines.  Guiding you from idea to operational solution. Creating a technology landscape, that supports the  future needs of  your business. 

SERVICES: Remote Consult 

Business Acceleration by remote video sessions: A service where you get seasoned C-level experience to assist in strategic or tactical issues. Executive Consult is a  solution to review, analyze  the problems at hand.  Charged per hour. - Only remote by video, minimum 30 minutes 
Result:  You get  insights in your problem areas , we can further assist  with Executive Partner  services or  turnaround services per day.

Remote Consult in 3 Areas :


Tech Research Consult

Services that help clients assess different technology innovations and strategies, align their technology with their business. Receive a powerful mix of advisory capabilities.

Focus: All companies with complex systems.

¤ ​Digital technology solution consult per hour

¤ Advise start & scaleups on technology.

¤ Consult on tech ideas, concepts, innovation.

¤ New technology trends & implications

¤ UCAAS and CCaas solutions choices consult.

¤ Datacenter solutions & networks consult

¤ European market: Digital solution consult

¤ Review your product and competitiveness

¤ Review your tech distribution and strategy.

¤ Review company portfolio competitiveness.

Business Strategy Consult

Review cost-leadership, differentiation, focus, strategies. Review mission and vision statements, identify core values and targets. Evaluate results for improvement. Focus: Fast growth companies

¤ Review strategies and consult per hour.

¤ Review your marketplace for more growth.

¤ Review strategy for distribution and growth.

¤ Consult for company performance failures.

¤ Discuss vision and mission statements.

¤ Review business plan from your material. 

¤ Discuss a business strategy for effectiveness.

¤ Review goto market plans for effectiveness.

¤ Reviewing untapped ‘white space’.

¤ Discuss Innovation options to discover.

Orchestration Consult

Orchestration is about define and configure, coordinate, control used technologies, applications, and services. Make managing complex tasks and workflows. Focus : Multi projects & process complexities.

¤ Solution delivery lifecycle consult per hour

¤ Discuss gaps in your strategy realization.

¤ Review your complex delivery problems.

¤ Making things work: PPM delivery consult.

¤ Npdi, SDLC, MSP program consultancy.

¤ Turnaround and Transformation consult.

¤ Consult for sales process improvement.

¤ Startup, scaleup and expansion consult.

¤ Advisor for rollout & distribution scenarios

¤ Advisor for NPDI recovery, revitalization.