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Part-time capabilities on most senior levels; dedicated to deliver the fastest return on investments from new business ideas, positioning your organisation for breakthrough value. Valbonne commercial agency is active in commercial growth, delivery management and value chain innovation. Business program performance management are kernel competencies and that’s why we have business program  management  as  a practice.

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​​Trusted Advisor for technology, strategy and complex delivery tracks and tailor business solutions, portfolios, implementation and distribution approach.  Technology research consult for scale-ups, tech companies, consultancies.  Discovery to answering unknowns, challenge views and give second opinion on companies business and strategies, improve performance of businesses. 

First of all, to be a trusted advisor you need to be outside of the internal company politics, you need to be neutral, having your own opinion and judgment without the influence of any stakeholders in or outside the company.” Herman Bloemink 




Every company in every industry relies on qualitative insights and information to make better decisions, faster. Driving business with more informed decisions and with optimised precision. Company leadership is under constant performance pressure, which can leave executives wary of exposing doubts or vulnerabilities. It is difficult for a CEO or C-level leader to find somebody inside a company to serve as a sounding board among his peers and giving the fact-fullness needed. 


Providing the extra know-how and experience needed for start-ups, scale-ups, international expanders, vc companies and other companies with a need to review, discuss, analyze problems and opportunities. Supplying good suggestions for changes and restructuring for success. Advisor strategy, technology, realization for technology companies that need a senior expert. 

= Trusted Advisor Business: Advise in business strategies, technology distribution and guiding companies with innovation & competitiveness. Helping USA based multinationals in the technology space to develop market and selling their solutions and services in Europe or EMEA. Help companies to be more successful on their business vision, mission and plan realization.
- Mentor: Closing gaps in knowledge, experience, strategy and realization. Guide and coach higher levels of engagement, get better insights in "what to do" and "what not to do" in business, handling and leading teams. The advisor frequently serves as a "sounding board"  with seasoned business experience and trusted deep diving, knowhow

- Unvarnished advise sessions: Face-to-Face, unvarnished advice for c-level leaders, founders and leadership teams. Coming to conclusions on business areas fast and facts based, not to hurt anyone, only for preparing best outcomes. Give advsie wihout  influences from within your company, to get clear answers and suggestions, that help you get  roblems aligned.


Connecting Growth Capital to Companies. Working for high-tech, digital technology ventures. Investment advisor for  investor readiness and help you find capital for growth. Work with venture capital companies around the globe connecting investors & companies, evaluate market potential and make growth work.  Connecting growth capital from €1 m  to €200 million for  funding in high-tech, digital technology. 

- Interim Chief Funding Officer: Make your company investor ready, co-prepare the business plan, funding conditions and investor pitch. Assisting the flow from growth capital needs to financial fulfillment.

- Venture Capital Officer: Assisting Venture capital funds to select target companies in digital engineering, networks,

Act as a Venture capital partner in target  good ROI investment portfolio realization for investment funds.



Technology Research Consultancy services are made for companies that need assistance with finding new markets, analyze competitors and advise for making differentiated products or portfolios. A business & technology research advisor is helping clients assess different technology innovations and strategies, and markets in place or to be designed. Technology research is focused on international companies in technology as producers of technology or investors in technology solutions. 

- Research Consult (Video per hour)Consultative sessions, video-based in EMEA for international technology companies and venture capital firms research investment targets. Working via indirect channels for customer via:  Gerson Lehman Group | Guide Point | Guided Solutions | Dialectica | Atheneum Consult | Alpha sights | Propasient | Tegus | Silverlight expert network

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