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Leadership - Growth & realization



Business acceleration agency for international technology companies, strategic consultancies, technology brokers. Closing the gaps between organizational capabilities with the defined strategic intentions and power of the competition.

Take control, structure, turnaround, revitalize companies and large programs. Advise and research technologies and deployment in digital transformation. Assisting in innovation, build, distribution realization and growth strategies.

Available Services

  • Fractional executive: CEO, CTO, CGO, MD, VP change.
    Executive Partner: Leadership and realization power.

  • Trusted Advisor : Technology, strategy and delivery.
    Mentor, board advisor , technology research consult
    Venture capital advisor EMEA for growth funding.



 Target market : Scale-ups in fast growth mode, VC funds, digital technology companies and strategic consultancies.



Define, execute and realize strategic targets.



Fractional Executives are the hottest thing in the C-suite. Fractional executives become the new trend. They are in higher demand, from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, are considering hiring fractional or part-time executives. Available "fractional" on demand to jump in on a temporary need for executive knowledge, experience and realization power. 


A Fractional Executive can manage a variety of roles because of the available most senior level experience. Fixing internal dysfunction and bring back external momentum for faster growth by analyzing, structuring and alignment of success scenario. . Entrepreneur for turning "Zero to One" and turning ideas to cash returns. Interim director or realization of international programs. 

Example of Fractional Roles (Part-time) :

  • Chief executive officer, to build teams, strategic scenarios and enable success factors.

  • Take over end-to-end strategy realization of a c-level executive  for a period and execute the plan.

  • Chief technology officer, connect solution design with build, deployment and  performance.

  • Chief growth executive for alignment of expansion strategy, creating sustainable growth engines.

  • Chief investment officer to  select growth capital and make your company grow as planned.

  • Interim executive to oversee companies in IPO, SPAC or takeovers, merger & acquisition.



Trusted Experience & Knowhow


Trusted Advisor: For technology, strategy, orchestration of business & digital technology research. Thinking for new ways of working by using latest technologies and rethink / restructure their operation. Talking about strategies, directions, technologies and making the plans to realize it.  Discover and answering unknowns, challenge views and give second opinion on business strategies. Partner to improve the performance of their portfolio in high tech and funding.


Example of Trusted Advisor Roles


A trusted advisor to c-level executives on strategy, portfolio, distribution and growth realization. Advise in strategy, technology, realization for technology companies that need a senior expert. Get an observer, analyst, to do some rethinking and be a C-level sparring partner. Inspiring more imagination, strategic & innovative thinking.    Mentor  to increase their effectiveness and performance. Closing gaps in knowledge, experience, strategy and realization.


A trusted advisor and sparring partner and confidential advisor. Help key people and companies to be more successful on their vision, mission and realization. The result of mentoring: Higher levels of engagement, resulting in better results.
Top benefit of mentoring; Get better insight in "what to do" and "what not to do".


Business & Technology Research Consult and overseeing digital landscapes. A business & technology research advisor is helping clients assess different technology innovations and strategies, to align their business with the newest trends and inventions. Strategic research for digital transformation , infrastructure, e-solutions,  technologies and methods.
Doing remote, video-based research consult in the EMEA market for : Gerson Lehrman Group | Guide Point | Guided Solutions | Dialectica | Atheneum Consult | Alpha sights | Propasient | Tegus | Silverlight expert network.


A trusted advisor with digital experience & knowhow to find the best infra and software solutions for digital transformation and cloud enabled services. Advisor with access to 240 technology providers . Portfolio of digital solutions : Digital infrastructure platforms and Xaas solutions. Technologies: E-trade, e-platforms, ERP / Fin, customer services systems, call center technology, UCaas, CCaas, Security, AI, ML, robotics, IoT, cloud, blockchain, crypto, A.I, Blockchain, DEFI technology. Infrastructure: Networks | Cloud | Mobility | Platform technologies. 

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