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Part-time capabilities on most senior levels; dedicated to deliver the fastest return on investments from new business ideas, positioning your organisation for breakthrough value. Valbonne commercial agency is active in commercial growth, delivery management and value chain innovation. Business program performance management are kernel competencies and that’s why we have business program  management  as  a practice.


Leadership - Growth & realization


Every company large or small has developed solutions that they did not further develop for sales and revenue creation. That is not caused by lack of interest to do so, but most times by absence of the capabilities to realize what they have in mind for moving it into a sustainable business opportunities. 

This GAP is caused by the fact that technologist and top-experts in science are not sales or goto market and marketing people. They research, invent, develop proof for their findings but are most time not experts in commercialization.

Make use of new services, special designed for this problem : Make money from IP, hire a IP transformation partner.




This is about a common issue in professional environments: How do we realize value from our research and innovation efforts when the IP is not ready for our core business yet. We observed in highly educated work environments that an individual or team develops a new solution or a fantastic innovative product. But many times it stops t here, because there is no realization capacity available in your company to assist with goto market preparation, selling and creating sustainable revenue from it.


An other way that IP lands on the shelves is the following: You company works on core solutions and when they are build and ready you have found also IP that cannot be used directly and are a spinnof of research activities, what to do with this IP?

The gap: how to make IP work for your and gerenrates revenue by bringing it to market.
The solution is a Intellectual Property Transformation Partner. A top professional that take your IP and find ways to capitalize it.



Analyze, define solution, define goto market and distribution.

The IP Transformation Partner is assisting with goto market preparation, selling and creating sustainable  growth engines. Get the value of your "sleeping" IP into revenue generation.


1) A dentists family found a new method for implementing tooth care, they have all needed but no market value creation capabilities. Need to bring product to market., but how?

2) A storage company has a perfect sales team but no way to make that productive for the current product-line, loosing money each month. Need a repositioning of IP.
3) A consultancy has all knowledge and manpower to be successful but cant find a market segment to realize great profits for their IP. Need review and restructure.

4) A company has developed products, solutions or services that they cannot sell themselves, what to do with the IP?

5) A Venture capital firm has invested in companies and see unused IP that could be transferred in cash or new companies.

6) IP Brokerage: Sell produced IP as spin-off from the Open innovation funnel to other companies.

Above cases are just a few of the many cases that exist. 

In all  cases a IP Transformation Partner can be of great value. 
How it works:

  1. Analyze IP and find out what can be transferred to value.

  2. Make a plan per IP set that leads to sell-able solutions.

  3. Have targets set for all actions and track performance.

  4. Deliver the solution for the IP selected as planned.

  5. Make goto-market and distribution plan.

  6. Enable sales channels and market solution targeted.

  7. Deliver result back to the organization and finish project.



Take "parked IP" and build products that generate cash engines. Turn an invention to a high value product or service.  Hire a IP Transformation Partner for the time needed. Making money from existing not explored intellectual property



  • Making money from existing intellectual property.

  • Take "parked" new products and build cash engines.

  • Close the gaps, create market value from great ideas.

  • Realization power: Turn productline to high ROI & CLV.

  • Sell  spin-off IP from the Open Innovation funnel.



You pay normal day-rates, to analyze and prepare your case.

If you want us to setup and control the whole things you pay a  dayrate plus success bonus for the project to realize a good selling product, solution, service or portfolio.

Success bonus when all is running to plan:

  1. Percentage of revenue created, success bonus per year

  2. After 2 years percentage bonus reduces per year.



Working for high-tech, digital technology ventures and companies with IP capitalization needs. In many cases the problem with not-used intellectual capital is the capital needed to bring IP to products, solutions or services. Business acceleration for intellectual property sometime needs funding to make business grow at top speed. 

Investment advisor to make you investor ready and help you to find capital for growth. Work with Venture Capital Companies around the globe. Connect investors & start-ups, evaluate market potential of scale-ups, make growth work.
Connecting growth capital from €1 m  to €200 million for  company funding in high-tech, digital technology vendors. 

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