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[ 1 ] Venture Partner

Venture Capitalists are mainly active in technology companies or companies driven by digital innovation. A venture partner is providing strategic, operating and portfolio support and expertise in the field of the target business. Find capital for companies in digital technology, healttech, fintech, deeptech. Active in Seed-stage Capital, Early-stage Capital and Later-stage Capital for international companies in the range €2m to €100 m. Review portfolio, market readyness, business models for company value. 

Venture Capital Broker

Find capital for technology companies in Medtech, Fintech, Digital, e-Platforms, industry. Venture Capital Partner : Funding € 1 m to € 200 m. Growth capital for fintech, medtech digital companies. Analyze pitchdecks for investment potential and risk. Funding to discover the unknown, settle new frontiers. Access to a network of risk taking investors, looking for target companies to invest in.

Charges and rules :

- When funding is done a successfee is charged. 
- The successfee is a percentage of the total deal.

- Retainer fees  to make material investor ready.


[ 2 ] Front-End Validation 

Investment companies are looking for companies that deliver 4 to 10 times what they invested. The bigger Venture Capital Funds research up to 1000 companies per year to validate for investment and have max 10 that gets 3 times or better returns. The conclusion of that is: Selecting the right companies for high financial returns is a complex journey.

A venture capital partner is an expert in financial spreadsheets, numbers and high-level financial calculations and tooling. They have the skillset to financially approve a deal. Their expertise is about: Term sheets, Cap Tables, valuation methods, Data room info, CLV, CAC, ROI, GAGR calculations, Due Diligence, Letter of Intent, Committed Capital, Dilution. 

Skillsets that has not much to do with technology,  innovation, distribution or business models and starting up new ventures local and international. To improve the selection of targets in digital technology, fintech, MedTech and high-tech we need a more effective better business model.

The Solution: Front-End Validation Services:

Why not outsourcing the first phase in investment target selection to an innovation, technology and business development expert? We call it : Frontend Validation Expert Service ; Explore, search select and validate targets in start and scaleup company portfolios. Bringing in a complex mix of skills in innovation, technology development, business models and business case and all the success factors that count for start and scaleup environments. 

A frontend validation expert has highly skilled expertise to find the value of target companies, before it goes upstream for financial evaluation. De results of a validation is a report : Quantifying risks, team value, customer value created, future value expected, etcetera. The VC partner takes over and does the financial stuff needed to come to a good deal.

Business Case : Select & Prepare target companies for VC's as a service

A VC partner cost around $360k per year doing for example 100 cases. Why not doing the first selection with a front-end validation expert? The VC Partner can do the financial thing and is far more effective, leaving all the business and tech things behind. Finding the exact right target companies becomes a reality. A Frontend validates exactly what you need for investment research. Make the work of your venture partners more productive, improving ROI numbers and higher carry. We think that our pricing is very competitive, effective for  VC companies and private investors. 

Benefits : 

Maximize returns on your investment portfolio by selecting the best target companies in the market. 

  • Return on investment and  carry potential goes up, because the right targets are selected.

  • Your company scalability improves: You can scaleup and scale down when needed. ( impossible with permanent FTE's).
  • You get invoiced per target company valuated, ranked by risk and potential per report.
  • You get insight an overview on each case delivered within 5 working days.
  • Working on global scale for VC investments funds for the first phase in the funding process.
  • Working for rich individuals or family offices that love technology companies but don't have the tech expertise to validate.
  • Your own partners work only in their expert area, so productivity goes up and cost goes down.

COST: 100 investment cases cost around €300 k with a report per case.  

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