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Part-time capabilities on most senior levels; dedicated to deliver the fastest return on investments from new business ideas, positioning your organisation for breakthrough value. Valbonne commercial agency is active in commercial growth, delivery management and value chain innovation. Business program performance management are kernel competencies and that’s why we have business program  management  as  a practice.

Twee mannen in het kantoor

Interim knowhow, skills & experience



Unlock a clear strategic direction and priorities, navigate what is required to close the gaps between strategy and realization, organizational capabilities and strategic intentions.  Hire a Fractional Executive in the role of CXO, MD, VP or international director for executive programs and making things work.



Trusted Advisor for technology, strategy and complex delivery.  Technology research consult  for Scale-ups, VC funds, tech companies and  consultancies in EMEA. Tailor business solution, portfolios &   implementation approach.





Define, execute and realize strategic targets.




Fractional executives become the new trend and are in higher demand, from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms. Several companies consider hiring fractional executives to fill temporary needs for C-level capabilities.


A Fractional Executive for fixing internal dysfunction and bring back external momentum for faster growth by analyzing, structuring and alignment of success scenarios. Take the lead in carve outs and M&A activities related structure, control  technology and infrastructure needs. Realization programs for digital transformation, new software solutions, infrastructure.  Bring entrepreneurship qualities  to turn "Zero to One" and taking "One", and bring it to recurring revenues.


Example of Fractional Roles (Part-time) :

  • Chief executive officer, to build teams, strategic scenarios and enable success factors.

  • Take over end-to-end strategy definition & realization of a c-level executive  for a fixed period.

  • Chief technology officer, connect solution design with build, deployment and  performance.

  • Chief growth executive for growth & expansion strategy and creating sustainable growth engines.

  • Chief investment officer to  select growth capital and make your company grow as planned.

  • Interim executive for IPO, carve outs, takeovers, merger & acquisition, SPAC scenarios.

  • Realization power for complex  multi-projects and international programs, make things.

  • Program Turnaround & Recovery Leader: Leadership for crisis management and recovery. 

  • International executive program director for build, deployment, rollout programs of scale & complexity. ​​



Trusted Experience & Knowhow


  1. Strategic Advisor: For technology, strategy, orchestration of business & digital technology research. Thinking for new ways of working by using latest technologies and rethink / restructure their operation. Talking about strategies, directions, technologies and making the plans to realize it. Discover and answering unknowns, challenge views and give second opinion on business and strategies, improve performance of portfolios.

  2. Boardroom advisor: Guide  c-level executives on strategy, portfolio, distribution and growth realization. Advise in strategy, technology, realization for technology companies that need a senior expert. Get an observer, analyst, to do some rethinking and be a C-level sparring partner. Inspiring more imagination, strategic & innovative thinking. Mentor to increase their effectiveness and performance. Closing gaps in knowledge, experience, strategy and realization.​

  3. Mentor: Sparring partner and advisor. Help key people and companies to be more successful on their vision, mission and realization. Mentoring: Higher levels of engagement, resulting in better results. Mentoring; Get better insight in "what to do" and "what not to do".​

  4.  Unvarnished Advice Session: Usually its about company, team portfolio performance, strategy and delivery of it.
    Face-to-Face sessions with leadership of companies to find solutions for problem areas. 
     In a session you explain your situation and needs.  Get unvarnished advice on your views and response from an outsider who has been there before and can help you. Giving comments that you don't always like, but expressed to help you out and come to conclusions. 
    A) Open, direct and uncolored advice that you don't get internal, because your in a top-level position.
    B) Get an outsider view without a finger in your company, not paid as employee, not influenced by your culture.
    C) If you want more services : This can also be done company wide sessions for teams or their leaders.
    D) Everything discussed stays confidential. 

    COST: €350 per hour + T&L outside the Netherlands. .



Connecting Growth Capital to Companies


Working for high-tech, digital technology ventures and companies with IP capitalization needs. In many cases the problem with not-used intellectual capital is the capital needed to bring IP to products, solutions or services. Business acceleration for intellectual property sometime needs funding to make business grow at top speed. 

Investment advisor to make you investor ready and help you to find capital for growth. Work with Venture Capital Companies around the globe. Connect investors & start-ups, evaluate market potential of scale-ups, make growth work.
Connecting growth capital from €1 m  to €200 million for  company funding in high-tech, digital technology vendors. 


Assist strategy teams of technology companies

Business and technology research consult for clients looking for new markets, new technologies, business ideas, innovative technologies or companies that can help them to realize their longer term technology and business plans more effectively. 


Digital Lead for business & technology research consult, overseeing digital landscapes and business models used. A business & technology research advisor is helping clients assess different technology innovations and strategies, to align their business with the newest trends and inventions. Strategic research for digital transformation , infrastructure, e-solution  technologies.

The business in this area is done with research agencies who attract customers interested in researching newest technologies, markets and business behaviour. It's about networks, digital solutions and market trends in the  EMEA markets for technology players. We get our customers via a network of highly professional consultative agencies.

Doing remote, video-based research consult in the EMEA market for : Gerson Lehrman Group | Guide Point | Guided Solutions | Dialectica | Atheneum Consult | Alpha sights | Propasient | Tegus | Silverlight expert network.



Connect technologies for digital transformations


  • Select cloud & business applications for clients in digital transformation mode

  • Business and new technology research consult to make companies future ready.

  • Offering solutions for digital networking, cloud, UCaas, CCaas, Iot, SECaas

  • Turn companies from legacy systems to MRC type solutions saving investments 

  • Review technology needs of companies and assist with the right solutions.

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