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Part-time capabilities on most senior levels; dedicated to deliver the fastest return on investments from new business ideas, positioning your organisation for breakthrough value. Valbonne commercial agency is active in commercial growth, delivery management and value chain innovation. Business program performance management are kernel competencies and that’s why we have business program  management  as  a practice.

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Improve Success Rates of Projects & Programs


Deliver troubleshooting services for complex management and engineering programs. Fix program & project failure.
Deliver solutions on time, within budget and quality criteria.

Hire a recovery director for making things work as planned.

- Bring organizations from current "AS-IS" into "TO-BE” state.

- Turnaround, recovery and transformation management. 

- Global Program Director Services strategic delivery success.

- Grow success rates of projects and international programs.



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Turnaround & Recovery of Programs

Recovery services

Bring structure, discipline, know-how, solid experience with plan realization power to solve delivery problems. 

Leadership with realization power in multi-projects and international programs of scale & complexity that failed.

Examples of Project and Program Failures

  1. Acute crisis management: Need turnaround & recovery.

  2. Multi project failure in deployment/integration/rollout.

  3. Fix delayed, stopped or crashed project & program failur.

  4. Minimize damage, clean up, create the fixes for problems.

  5. Fix failures in strategic programs of scale and complexity.

  6. Bring crashed projects or programs to recovery & delivery.

  7. Analyze, clean up and create fixes, solving the problems.

  8. Fix problems in: Time delay | Scope creep | Quality creep

  9. Product is great, sales to low, run improvement program.

  10. Operational unit to low profit, run optimization program.


Recovery & Work Flow

Define the real problems and agree on the conditions to fix.

Fly-in > Analyze case >Fix-failure > Re-vitalize > Operational.
Troubleshoot strategic problems in international initiatives.  

Action: Crisis Recovery Director 

Troubleshooting & fixing PPM failure

Leadership for crisis management and recovery programs. 

Analyze failure, troubleshoot, implement fixes, revitalize, give customers a last resort  when projects fail. Bring project and program failures back to stability & revitalize them. Fixing internal dysfunction and bring back positive momentum.

Solve problems in: Time delays | scope creep | quality creep.

Project & Program Management
Build, test, deploy programs

Make multi-projects and programs work in telco, banking, oil&chemical, government, pharma and for consultancies.

Lead strategic projects, the development and standardization of project management processes, tools and best practices. 

Program Management Tasks

  • Orchestration: Leadership for large projects & programs.

  • Seek input and prepare program roadmap, project, and/or implementation plan with executive approval.

  • Bring organizations from current "AS-IS”  to  "TO-BE".

  • Transformation of  business, bring realization power.

  • Coach program/project managers in their best practices.

Technologies: E-trade, e-platforms, data communication technology. ERP / Fin, CS, CCaas, UCaas, SECaas, e-trade, e-mobile, AI, ML, NLP, LMS, robotics. Cyber security, IoT, Edge, CDN, cloud, DEFI, blockchain, crypto, AI.


Action: Global Program Director

Define, plan, deliver international programs

Executive director technology program management global.

A global leader for programs of scale & complexity to deliver  as planned, in-time, within budgets and with high quality.  

Leadership and realization power for complex  multi-projects and international programs, making things work as planned. 
Deliver projects and programs on Time | Budget | Quality. 

Special Services:

Coach & Mentor to program leaders, project managers.
Takeover multi-project, program and deliver to plan. 

Program performance consultant, improve successes.

Hire a few days per month to stabilize teams and outputs.

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