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Improve Performance of Start-Ups & Scale-Ups


Many companies find problems on the road to success and need help to realize their strategic plan. VC funds in high-tech and digital need an expert to "repair" their problems in the portfolio of companies. Fixing Start-up & Scale-Up business failure, close the gapsBusiness change, tuning, restructuring. Grow success rates of start-ups, scale-ups.

Change Strategist : Fix problems & accelerate business



1) Fixing Start-Up, Scale-Up Failure
Performance services

For Venture capital funds that need to improve the
performance of several companies in the portfolio. 

Start, scale-up company with performance problems.

Company need a change expert to make things work.

Fixing Start & Scale-Up business failure, close the gaps.

Business Change,  Performance Tuning, Restructuring.

Example Cases:

  1. No market need, unclear vision, need  support.

  2. Ran out of cash, going bankrupt soon, need capital.

  3. Not the right team for successes, need new talen

  4.  Get outcompeted soon, need differentiation soon.

  5. Price or Cost problems, need start-to-end review.

  6. Low product performance, need a game changer.

  7. Lack of  profit, need review of product & portfolio.

  8. Poor marketing, distribution review and repair.

  9. Ignore customers, failure to get success needed.

  10. Don’t use network/advisors  needed for growth.

  11. Product mis-timed : To early or to late to market.

  12. Harmony team/investor is bad, need shake-up.

  13. Portfolio not ready for sales and channels.

  14. Goto-market strategy genrates to low returns.

  15. Distribution & growth strategy not working.

2) Fixing Operational Business Failure

Recovery Services 

For investors, shareholders that need serious help
For new technology companies and digital innovators

For IT, datacomm, strategy consultancies and MSB.

For companies that need a interim strategy expert. 

Fix operational business failure, recover from problems.

Business change advisor to adjust, rework and recover.

Example Cases

​- Bring knowhow and experience to fix complex issues.

- Can’t find ways to grow and expand business, need help

- Failed in turning Product-2-Cash: Need case rethinking.

- Growth: Can’t expand the boundaries/change the game.

- Sales failure: Creating new customers, need recovery.

- Services failure: Customer unhappy, sales declining.

- Expansion failure: Product lines /markets don't work.

- Need to find new ways to attract and keep customers.

Action: Change Strategist

Fly-in, analyze case, re-design, test, go-life.
Performance adjustment, restructure, recovery.


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