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Part-time capabilities on most senior levels; dedicated to deliver the fastest return on investments from new business ideas, positioning your organisation for breakthrough value. Valbonne commercial agency is active in commercial growth, delivery management and value chain innovation. Business program performance management are kernel competencies and that’s why we have business program  management  as  a practice.

Aangekomen op het werk


The capabilities for operational restructuring and performance optimization.  Fractional executives become the new trend and are in higher demand, from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms to fill temporary needs for C-level capabilities.  An increased amount of companies are turning to fractional executives.


Special Services:
Business recovery services for turning failure in company strategy and growth scenarios into restructuring, redesign and 
revitalization for business successes.




Define, execute and realize strategic targets.


Like the name suggests, a fractional executive is someone who provides their expertise to a company for only a fraction of their time, for a certain period each day or each week. Rather than hire full-time, salaried executives—who are often out of reach for startups, scale-ups and small companies.  Purpose or the role is fixing internal dysfunction and bring back external momentum for faster growth by analyzing, structuring and alignment of success scenarios. Take the lead in carve outs and M&A activities,  take charge in realization programs for digital transformation, new software solutions and large infrastructure programs. 


  • Chief executive officer, to build teams, strategic scenarios and enable success factors. Structure/restructure business performance, align life-cycle in line with plans. Bring vision, decision, realization power.

  • COO structure/restructure operational processes for top performance, align support and services organizations.

  • CIO Review innovation practice and find ways to improve. Select tools and systems to make business future ready

  • MD for end-to-end control of operations and backup for exit MD. Take over end-to-end responsibilities in operations. Strategy definition & realization, execution of the existing plan to max outcomes, for a fixed period.

  • Chief technology officer, connect solution design with build, deployment and  performance. CTO Review, Analyze, select technology for companies going digital.

  • Chief growth executive for growth & expansion, creating sustainable growth engines. Define distribution & growth strategy and realize as planned. Review goto-market and distribution, align growth scenarios for max outcome.

  • VP for strategy definition and realization, growth definition and realization.

  • Chief investment officer to select growth capital and make your company grow as planned with the right funding.

  • Interim program executive for IPO, carve outs, takeovers, merger & acquisition, SPAC scenarios.

  • Company Ambulance Services : Fly in on crashed performance, supply first aid and define recovery.


Special Services 1


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Business recovery services are essential for companies facing distress or disruptions. Business Recovery means outlining steps and actions to recover when business operations are disrupted. From the moment the disruption occurs, assessing the situation at hand, and mobilizing the resources needed for appropriate actions.


Turnaround from company performance failure

When your own team can't fix the problems and you need extra troubleshooting and fixing power with recovery for start-up, scale-up and expansion failures. Get the seasoned know-how, skills, leadership capabilities and realization power to succeed. Turning failure in company strategy and growth scenarios into restructuring, redesign and revitalization for business success.

Cases for recovery :

  • Business performance crashed, who can help with this?

  • Total sales failure, while portfolio and team are top-quality.

  • You can't find a future proof digital solution for business.

  • Your start or scale-up company is in downturn or crashed.

  • To has low revenue streams related to other countries.

  • Company can't find the right solution to survive downturn.

  • A consultancy has problems to expand, grow, need help.


Recovery Workflow: Fly in, get a problem picture, analyze the case at hand, discuss recovery scenarios with customer and document it. Define recovery plan, aligned to customer needs, rework, restructure, revitalize, execute and make it work.

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