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Improve performance  of start-ups & scaleups

Business Acceleration 
Performance Change


Valbonne Commercial Agency is a business acceleration agent for international technology companies and strategic consultancies with worldwide activities. Working with startups, scaleups, international expanders in high-tech, digital innovators and venture capital funds. Solving complex business problems in operations, sales, services and global program delivery tracks.


  1. Executive Partner: Start, lead, develop companies.

  2. Trusted Advisor: Tech research, strategy, delivery.

  3. Change Practice for startups, scale-ups, expanders.

  4. Program Practice for turnaround, restructure, delivery.

Work from Amsterdam international. See Contact Page



Executive Partner  


Fixing internal dysfunction and bring back external momentum for faster growth. Take over end-to-end strategic operations of a c-level executive that is absent for a defined period, take care of duties and execute the plan. Find growth capital for startups, scale ups and international expanders in high tech and digital solutions. Analyze strategies, plans to structure and align scenarios and results.

Example roles and responsibilities:

  • Interim or part-time managing partner, managing director to realize distribution & growth in Europe.  

  • Part-time director in place to guide your company in IPO, SPAC or takeover by merger & acquisition.

  • Part-time director as MD, VP, CEO to represent, operate and control the company for a brief period.

  • For venture capitalists: Find investment targets and validate them for equity investments.

  • Entrepreneur: Turn "Zero to One" and "One to Many" in business, turning ideas to cash returns. 

Trusted Advisor

Deliver strategic advise to technology companies, to change direction, business model, goto market and growth strategy.

Technology Agent : For customers in digital transformation mode, select network, cloud and Xaas solutions together. 


Example roles and responsibilities:

  • Trusted Advisor in technology, strategy and orchestration for technology companies. 

  • Business & digital technology research consult: Active for several international consultancies.

  • Talking on board level about strategy, technology and realization and define what is needed

  • Venture capital advisor for start, scale-ups, expansion capital from €1 m  to €200 million.

Mentor: Mentor strategic issues and coach to structure & plan. Observe, analyze, do some rethinking and be a CXO level sparring partner. Discover and answering unknowns and give second opinion on business strategies and tactics.



Change Practice

Grow success rates of startups, scaleups and international expanders. Many companies in startup, scaleup and expansion mode find problems on their road to success and need help. They need an  expert for recovery and revitalization
Performance & Recovery Change :   Click  Change Practice 

Program Practice

Grow success rates of multi-projects and programs. Acute crisis management hat need turnaround & recovery. Fix failure in leadership, build, deploymentintegration, rollout, realization. Deliver in time, budget and agreed quality level.  Program Delivery & Recovery:  Click Program Practice


For more information : See  Contact Page

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