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Hello Reader

I am Herman Bloemink  working freelance as executive and trusted advisor for tech companies worldwide. My company Valbonne Commercial Agency is based in Amersfoort  NL, I am a business acceleration agent for technology companies and consultancies with worldwide activities.   

Position myself as fractional  executive, assisting companies with  technology, strategy and distribution and making businesses work.

A trusted advisor and mentor, help companies to grow as planned.


My Story - Making Things Work

Herman Bloemink
Fractional Executive and Trusted Advisor

As a fractional executive I deliver ongoing executive-level leadership and handson involvement. Act as part of the leadership team. C-level roles on part-time basis. For companies needing specialized executive expertise but do not require a full-time executive. 

+ 35 y as a technocrat with strong business acumen. Started his career in systems engineering for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Tandem Non-Stop, after that period moved to AT&T global in South of France and the USA. Delivered global solutions build, deployment and services  solutions work for fortune 500, telco, oil&chemical, fin-tech, data-centers. Was international director for strategic consultancies.

Herman has top-level expertise in program delivery for ERP, FI, Trading solutions & operational platforms.
Track: Project & program management 100% on all targets+150 projects, 10 programs, 500fte, $350 m.
Director Roles: Digital consultancy teams 80 fte | Director BPI/BPR consultancy  70 fte for pharma.

Technology transformation research advisor for helping clients assess different technology innovations and strategies, to align their  business transformation and business revitalization.

Know-how & Experience developed over 35 year:

Practitioner MSP/MSC | CMM | ILM | SDM | DSDM | E-Tom | PRP | R&D | NPD/NPI marketing | SDLC | TQM | TRL9 | Agile | Lean | Scrum | 6Sigma, DMAIC  | BMC training | PMI Multi-project management training- | Training Siebel processes | TOM /TMF model training | OSS processes training | DCOMP- BPComp training | BPI/BPR training | Commander project Management/PM license 1&2 | Prince 2 training | ITIL trained | DTAP Test management trained | Software testing UAT’s | BPCS | 4GL SW factories. Oracle Aim | BMC Business Model Canvas training.| SAP business modeling for pharma and food | Scenario management, complexity management | DTAP Test management Course | Global rollout software programs | CMM | PWC | Software testing development, UAT’s, global release management | Open Innovation - Business Model Canvas | 10 types of innovation | Design Thinking for Growth | Artificial intelligence, business model design. - Digital transformation strategy.

Assessing start and scaleup companies for financing. Validation of business case, pitchdeck, business and strategic plan. Find out competitive position, differentiation and changes to become a main player in a new or existing market. From there, discuss funding options and how to apply the capital for fastest growth rates of a company. Venture capital partner on demand.


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